! = Bugfix, + = Feature added, - = Feature removed, ~ = Behavior changed

2.5.6 (04/11/2020)
! Fixed error, where the selected date for entering a new event was overwritten if a new event category was selected
! Fixed error, where the color mark of the current day was not updated, if alarms were disabled
+ The colors of the custom tray icon can be changed now

2.5.5 (12/30/2019)
! Fixed missing copy & paste keyboard shortcut for the content field of the search and filter panel
! Fixed very slow snoozing / marking done of events even with closed filter panel in case the search option was activated
! Fixed error, where the reminder settings from the "Action" tab were ignored, if the option for temporarily disabling the reminder buttons was activated
+ HTML export will now also generate clickable https:// links

2.5.4 (12/30/2018)
+ New options for the "Change Category" dialog
+ Changing the category when entering a new event does not overwrite your description and notes if you hold down the Shift or Ctrl key while changing the category
+ Additional display in the reminder window for the next occurrence of a recurrent event
+ The size of the event list in the reminder window can be adjusted now

2.5.3 (08/08/2018)
! Fixed wrong presets for the additional recurrence condition "Time interval" introduced in version 2.5.0
! Fixed wrong display of some characters in some languages in the HTML export
+ The setup version supports a silent installation now, use the command line switches /SILENT or /VERYSILENT
~ By default, the icons for recurrent events and events with alarms and notes are set now
~ In the search and filter panel, the start time of events is displayed in the search results

2.5.2 (05/19/2017)
! Fixed performance problems with a large number of network entries
+ HTML export will now also generate clickable file:// links
+ The database view now also shows the start date

2.5.1 (09/05/2016)
! Fixed broken recurrence end options

2.5.0 (05/25/2016, silent update)
+ UK's Kalender is now also available in Swedish!

2.5.0 (05/18/2016)
! Wrong display of foreign holidays in the holiday configuration dialog fixed.
! Fixed the delete button in the content field of the search and filter panel.
+ Additional recurrence option for events: Only in a specified time interval.
+ If the description or the notes of an event contains URLs, the HTML export will generate clickable links of them.
+ Added an option to show gridlines in the Todo list.
+ Done Todos may be shown grayed out and strike through now.
+ New single row layout option for the week display.
~ The search and filter panel will remember the last active filter.
~ The "Restore" function will now directly save the restored events over the currently loaded event file.
~ Sorting of the exported HTML Todo list matches now the sorting in the program.

2.4.4 (11/01/2015)
! Changed action parameters were not correctly recognized if an event category was changed.
+ Holidays for Portugal and Trinidad and Tobago were added.
+ The 'Enter New Event' dialog accepts Ctrl+Enter for OK and Esc for Cancel now.
+ A date offset parameter for the automatic HTML/CSV export was added (see chapter 3.6.4 for details).

2.4.3 (11/18/2014)
+ A Turkish localization of the calendar was added.

2.4.2 (02/22/2014)
! Category settings were not correctly entered into new events.
+ The 'Enter New Event' dialog will remember its last position now.

2.4.1 (02/02/2014)
! Fixed errors when sharing the event state, now only the done / undone state is shared.
! The flickering of the current time display on some systems was fixed (again).
~ The calendar will use modern looking controls if available.
~ When entering a new event, the focus will be on the category selection again.

2.4.0 (01/11/2014)
! Fixed some garbled text in some dialog boxes of the Russian translation.
+ The reminder window will now also show the icon for network, recurrence, notes etc.
+ The input forms for events and todos can be resized now, allowing more edit space for notes.
+ The state of events and todos ("done", "snoozing") can now also be shared over the network.
+ A Chinese localization of the calendar is available!
+ Better support for relative paths to the event file.
+ Some sample sound files are now included in the "sound" subdirectory.
~ Some changes in the folder structure of the installation.

2.3.2 (08/22/2010)
! In rare cases erroneous date display inside the tray icon when returning from standby fixed
+ Croatian localization
+ Holidays for Brazil, Columbia, Belgium (Dutch / French) and Spain
~ The installation files now include the CHM help file per default

2.3.1 (03/19/2010)
! Flickering of current time display under Windows Vista / 7 fixed
~ The links in the help menu now point to my new homepage

2.3.0 (07/11/2009)
! In rare cases missing tray icon at Windows startup fixed
+ The reminder window can be resized
+ The tray icon can be configured to show custom content, e.g. the current day of the month
+ Holidays can be marked to show in the calendar without changing the header color of that day
+ Configurable font for the notes of the reminder window
+ Austrian holidays
~ Some dialog controls were rearranged
~ The autostart of a locally installed calendar will not be deactivated anymore if an additional portable calendar is started
~ The reminder dialog will accept keyboard commands only if the Alt key is pressed
~ The fortnight view defaults to the current day on the left side and scrolls week by week

2.2.2 (03/22/2009)
! Sometimes erroneous FTP sync fixed
! Possible timeout error on network sync fixed
+ The action field of event editor now accepts some export commands
+ Option to show tooltips for each single event instead of the whole day
+ The buttons of the reminder window can be disabled for a few seconds
+ It is possible now to operate the reminder window with the keyboard
~ Changing the end date of an event will in no case affect the start date anymore

2.2.1 (06/10/2008)
! Fixed error that might cause the calendar to crash after a few hours
! Fixed erroneous behaviour when using the mouse wheel for scrolling

2.2.0 (05/11/2008)
+ It is possible to share categories in the network now
+ Category properties of existing events can be subsequently changed
+ The display colors of event windows and grid lines are configurable now
+ Background and text color of an event can be set simultaneously
+ It is possible to assign icons to events
+ Optional icons for the event properties reminder, recurrence and notes
+ ToDos can be color marked now
+ The completion grade of ToDos can be set
+ Filter settings can be named and saved
+ Certain event properties can be used as filter criteria
+ The days for the weekend are configurable now
+ The week nummber calculation can optionally follow the US standard
+ Automatic sound volume adjustment for reminders
+ Usage of event variables (e.g. $DESCRIPTION$) as parameter for external programs
+ Recurrence settings for categories are checked for consistency

2.1.5 (10/12/2007)
! Fixed some scrolling problems in fortnight view
! Fixed copy and paste error of multi day events
+ Added Switch to display hidden events
+ Added an option for displaying icons for local and/or shared events
+ Possibility to reset all events to their default state
+ Added calculation of orthodox easter

2.1.4 (01/07/2007)
! Fixed error where done events might become invisible
! Fixed wrong system time on very few systems
+ Russian localization
+ Spanish localization
+ Holidays for New Zealand
+ Holidays for Greece

2.1.3 (08/28/2006)
! Possible crashes when deleting or executing events from the reminder dialog fixed
! The dialog for acknowledging event execution appears in front of the reminder dialog now
! Adding and removing shared events from the database view works correctly now
! The number of backups for the shared event file works now also for the FTP option
+ Display of the sharing state in the database view
+ Sort order is displayed in the database view
+ The reminder dialog remembers it's last position

2.1.2 (08/16/2006)
! Fixed program crash if the local or shared event file is missing

2.1.1 (08/13/2006)
! Temporary files for network sync are deleted correctly now

2.1.0 (08/10/2006)
! Sometimes incorrect display if deleting single occurences of a recurrent event fixed
! Incorrect display of todos outside the display interval fixed
! Fixed program crash if deleting events from the reminder dialog with activated warning
! Sometimes incorrect input focus in calendar view corrected
! Option to return to current date if restored from the system tray now works
+ Synchronizing shared events via FTP
+ Manual triggering of the synchronization process
+ Displaying the synchronization state
+ Loading multiple holiday modules is possible now
+ Display more than one holiday per day
+ With a spearate program, holiday modules can be created by the user
+ Option to disable tooltips for events
+ Alternative page navigation using the mousewheel and the PgUp/PgDown keys
+ Customizable fonts for the current time and the reminder display

2.0.1 (05/20/2006)
! Fixed sometimes non-working navigation between calendar pages in month view
! Fixed broken delete function for ToDos if warning was enabled
! Font problems on East European systems resolved
! Fixed error where a warning dialog can appear behind the reminder dialog
! Fixed wrong display if deleting done ToDos
+ Sort order is displayed for ToDos and search results
~ Better sorting of ToDos
~ New monitor function for shared event file to avoid short hangs of the calendar if the shared event file is not accessible

2.0.0 (05/10/2006)
+ Network support
+ Search and filter function
+ Configurable interface fonts
+ Toolbar for displaying the current date and time
+ Visualization of the event density in the year view
+ Reminders can use the color scheme of events
+ Columns of the todo list can be configured
+ Possibility to add events from the system tray
+ British holidays
+ Swedish holidays
+ Norwegian holidays
~ Changed layout
~ Changed default color scheme
~ Navigation elements have an own toolbar
~ Better strategy for displaying reminders

1.3.4 (11/13/2005)
! Fixed display bug in month view if the week start was set to Sunday
! Fixed wrong date range in HTML-export if the week start was set to Sunday

1.3.3 (11/02/2005)
! Fixed bug that made localization of shortcuts impossible
! Fixed display of Saturdays in the year view
! Fixed jump to current date
+ Canadian holidays
+ Polish holidays
+ Israeli holidays
+ Italian localization

1.3.1 (04/16/2005)
! Fixed serious bug in ini file creation

1.3.0 (04/03/2005)

! Crash fixed if the event file wasn't found on start-up
! Error in calculation of weekday-dependent recurrent events fixed
! Error in sorting fields of HTML-export fixed
! Path to the HTML-templates for ToDo lists was not applied from the options dialog
~ The reminder window will not close anymore if the return key is pressed
~ All reminders are shown in one dialog now, a list of all due reminders can be displayed
~ Modified backup strategy for the event file, there are several copies now with a minimum distance of 20 hours
+ Changing the system time is now recognized if the calendar is running
+ Silent reminders that will only show up as a blinking tray icon
+ The layout of the week and fortnight view can be changed now
+ Option to open the calendar with a single click from the system tray
+ Option to switch back to the default view and the current date if the calendar is restored from the system tray
+ Option to play the reminder sound only a selctable number of times
+ The display of done events can be configured now
+ A recurrence on the fifth weekday of a month is possible now

1.2.1 (08/13/2004)
! Fixed shifted dates in HTML calendar if the weekstart was set to Sunday
+ UK's Kalender remembers now the last toolbar position and state
+ Added keyboard shortcuts for navigation (menu entry "View")

1.2.0 (05/21/2004, silent update)
! Fixed display problems with some characters on East European systems
! Fixed bug with incorrect 12-hour time format

1.2.0 (05/05/2004)
! Reformation day added to the list of german holidays
+ Smarter sorting of events
+ In the month view, events outside the current month can be disabled
+ Color marking can be disabled for done events
+ Events can be color marked by setting the font color
+ The date display of the reminder dialog can be customized
+ Editing and deleting of events can be done right from the reminder dialog
+ The reminder dialog now remembers your last snooze settings. You can also configure a default snooze setting for each event.
+ Snoozing can be done relative to the current date or to the start date of the event
+ The reminder dialog now shows the remainig time until the event starts
+ A symbol in the reminder dialog signalizes overdue events
+ You can now choose a separate header color for saturdays
+ Additional filter options for todos
+ The tooltip of the tray icon can be customized now
+ Menu entries for visiting my homepage and the local manual were added
+ Exporting to HTML and CSV is possible now. This allows printing of events and todos via the web browser.
+ Holidays for France
~ Events without forewarn time will only auto complete if this behaviour is chosen under "Action"
~ If the calendar window is closed, "UK's Kalender" does not shut down as default, but minimizes into the system tray. The old behaviour is still available by option.

1.1.0 (10/05/2003)
! The "Cancel" button in the "Edit Category" dialog now really cancels the operation
! Fixed problem with category selection if large fonts are enabled
+ Option to run only one instance of "UK's Kalender"
+ US-American holidays
+ Better localization support

1.0.1 (01/30/2003)
! Redraw problem of the year view fixed
! Coloring bug of sundays in year view fixed

1.0.0 (12/13/2002)
  Initial release