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3.16 Creating backups of the event file

3.16.1 Automatically generated backup copies

The calendar automatically generates backup copies of the current event file. These backup copies are located in the same directory as the event file and have the same name but with extensions like "b00", "b01" etc. By default seven backup copies will be kept, but this value can be changed (see chapter 3.2.10). Each time the program is launched, a backup copy is generated if the last backup is at least 20 hours old.
If for some reason it is necessary to restore an event file, close the calendar and remove the corrupted event file (by default: "Dates.dat"). Then look for the latest backup copy that seems to be intact (hint: the file size might be an indicator). Make a copy of this backup file and rename this copy to the file you deleted previously. When you restart the calendar, your events will be restored.

Please note, that by default a new installation of "UK's Kalender" will save the event database in the directory "AppData\Roaming\UK's Kalender" of the currently logged on user on machines running Windows 7 - 10, or "Application Data\UK's Kalender" on Windows XP machines. This directory is located under "C:\Users" on Windows 7 and later systems and under "C:\Documents and Settings" on systems running Windows 2000 / XP. You might not see this directory on your system. If this is the case, you'll need to tell Windows-Explorer to show all files. Open the Windows Explorer and select "Extras / Folder Options" from the menu. Click on "View" and activate "Display all Files and Folders".

In case you installed the new version of "UK's Kalender" over an old version, your event file will probably be located in the program folder of the calendar (usually "C:\Program Files\Kalender"). So please take a look at this directory also.

3.16.2 Manually creating backup copies

From time to time it's a good idea to make a special backup copy of your event file. This special backup copy can be read by any version of "UK's Kalender", from higher to lower versions and vice versa. For creating this special file, choose "File / Event File / Backup..." from the menu. A "Save as" dialog appears, where you can choose a name and a directory for saving the backup file. If for any reason, e.g. an update to a new version of the program, your event file cannot be loaded, you can always restore your data by selecting "File / Event File / Restore..." from the menu.

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